Whistler Mountains

The Whistler mountains provide incredible mountain hiking with breathtaking scenery and exciting trails to explore. Whistler mountain hikes offer easy access to wilderness, allowing you to escape the city and enjoy the Whistler mountains and their surrounding glaciers, snowy peaks and deep valleys. There is a wide variety of trails catering to most abilities, meaning there is a mountain adventure for everyone. Take the Gondola up Whistler mountain for easy access to incredible views, or join one of our Outdoor Explore Whistler mountain hikes to experience true wilderness and adventure.

Whistler Mountain Hikes

We created Outdoor Explore because we loved hiking, especially in the Whistler mountains, and we wanted to share this incredible part of Canada with others. We believe everyone should have the chance to explore true wilderness. It is beneficial for us to unplug and escape our daily routines, and to immerse ourselves in nature. Custom Whistler mountain hikes with Outdoor Explore are the perfect way to explore the Whistler mountains. We know these mountains very well, and our guides are experts in mountain hiking, wilderness safety, local knowledge and making sure you have the best trip into the Whistler mountains.

If you have a mountain or a hike in mind, but need a guide to make sure you stay safe and don't get lost, Outdoor Explore can design custom guided whistler mountain hikes that fit you. Our skilled professional guides will design the perfect itinerary that suits your ability and fitness level.

Alternatively, why not check out our pre-designed single- or multi-day hikes in the Whistler mountains. These trips have been created to showcase the best Whistler mountain hikes. These are our favorites, and we're certain that you will love them too!

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