Alpine Yoga Retreats

Wellness, mindfulness & Yoga in the beautiful West Coast Mountains

Unplug in the Coastal mountains. There is nothing like a couple nights under the stars and waking up to breathtaking views to recharge and be more present.

Perfect for individuals or groups with some hiking experience willing to learn more about the wilderness and everything it has to offer. This is also a great way to learn new skills, get out of your comfort zone, disconnect from your busy life and connect with other like-minded outdoor and Yoga enthusiasts.

Our trips take us to pristine subalpine lakes near Whistler and Pemberton where we set up camp. From there, we have endless options for day hikes without the heavy packs. Our days are packed with morning yoga, mindfulness workshops, hiking and some well deserved delicious meals.

2 - 5 day options available. 4+ participants required.

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Are you a Yoga instructor?
Yoga instructors go FREE when you act as the instructor during the trip. Provide an exciting new alpine retreat for your clients while ensuring they receive the same style and quality of Yoga instruction that they are used to. Perfect for Yoga studios or instructors with their own members/clients.

Alpine Yoga programs for hiking enthusiasts in the beautiful British Columbia wilderness
Yoga programs in the beautiful British Columbia wilderness
Yoga mountain retreat in the B.C. mountains

What can Outdoor Explore do for you?

We provide the following services and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor program:

  • Custom program and route planning for your group
  • Transport planning and booking (if applicable)
  • Allergy friendly meal planning
  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Tents, stoves and cooking equipment.
  • Risk management, safety protocols and evacuation procedures
  • Hiring of qualified and experienced guides & instructors
  • Providing all safety equipment including satellite communication
  • An unforgettable and enjoyable experience for all involved.

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What you say about us

What our customers say about Outdoor Explore guided adventures
While on holiday in Vancouver my husband and I went on the 5 day Powell Forest canoe trip with Outdoor Explore earlier this month. We had little experience with Canadian canoes and it took us a little while to get the hang of things but once we were going it was wonderful paddling across the 4 lakes and the scenery was fantastic. The trip was very well organised, all the equipment and food was arranged for us but we had to bear in mind that everything had to be carried between the lakes so we had to make sure that our personal kit was as light as possible. The portaging was the hardest part of the trip as the boats were heavy and some of the bags were heavy too but thankfully the longest one was only 2.8 km so not too far and we managed between the group to carry everything. Each night we stopped at a camp site on the lake which were all equipped with flattened areas for the tents, composting toilets and some had fire drums. Fortunately there wasn't a fire ban so we could have a fire each night. You really felt you were out in the wilderness when all the food was in a bear-proof barrel tided to a tree at night, all other smelly items had to be put up a tree or up a bear hang. We even had to dig a hole to spit our toothpaste in so that the smell didn't attract bears to the area. It was all very exciting for people who come from the UK where we don't have any bears. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and would do the trip again....
Linda G - UK

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