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About our B.C. Duke of Edinburgh Program

Take your adventures to the next level with Outdoor Explore. We offer Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Practice and Qualifying Journeys in South/West B.C. Locations include Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and the Sunshine Coast. Find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Program.

We offer hiking and canoeing programs designed to be both challenging and educational, while empowering youth to create their own route plan, food plan and itinerary. Our guides are able to teach valuable wilderness and leadership skills that will ensure a safe and memorable experience. Teamwork is a huge part of the Duke of Edinburgh program and is a great way for youth to learn important life skills that they can use in future education or work.

Safety is our highest priority; our guides are trained to a high level in wilderness first aid, risk management and evacuation protocols. We also ensure all guides have previous experience working with youth, and have passed a criminal record check.

Explore the alpine with Outdoor Explore's Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey Program
Explore the Sunshine Coast with Outdoor Explore's Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey Program
Explore lakes and mountains with Outdoor Explore's Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey Program

Practice Journeys

Learn the skills required to safely complete your Qualifying Journey! The Practice Journey is the perfect time to practice all the different elements of backcountry travel, from packing your bag in the morning, to cooking dinner by a campfire, and everything in between. Our guides are on hand to teach and help when necessary while encouraging the youth to be independent and gain confidence in the skills that will carry them through the Qualifying Journey.

We include a 4-hour Preliminary Training session to help our participants get ready for their Practice and Qualifying Journeys. The practice session allows us to cover important topics that will give you confidence in preparing for the trip. Topics include: trip planning, leave no trace ethics, navigation basics, equipment, meal planning, and how to pack a bag.

Evening training session location, date and times will be confirmed after booking.

Practice Journey Pricing

Bronze (day hike & training session): $185.00

Silver (overnight hike & training session): $295.00

Gold (overnight hike & training session): $295.00

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Qualifying Journeys

Our Qualifying Journeys involve either trekking in the backcountry around Whistler and Pemberton, or canoeing on lakes and ocean inlets on the Sunshine Coast. We aim to make access as easy as possible for all participants.

We expect that all youth participating in the Qualifying Journey should have the basic skills required to plan and execute their own adventure. While our guides will provide supervision throughout the trip, we encourage youth to be self-reliant and share responsibilities between the group. Leadership and teambuilding skills are an integral part of the Duke of Edinburgh Program and we ensure that all youth have the opportunity to practice these skills.

We cover a variety of topics on trip, such as navigation, wilderness first aid, leadership, leave no trace ethics, backcountry camping 101 and more. We aim to have our participants leave our programs with confidence in their abilities and the skills required to plan and safely implement their own hiking adventure

Qualifying Journey Pricing

Bronze (2 days, 1 night): $295.00

Silver (3 days, 2 nights): $395.00

Gold (4 days, 3 nights): $495.00

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Before you sign up

We require a minimum of 4 participants for Duke of Edinburgh programs. You are free to choose dates that work for your group.

Prices are subject to 5% GST

Youth must have completed the Preliminary Training and Practice Journey prior to participating in a Qualifying Journey. If you completed the Practice Journey with a different organization, please let us know when and where.

Participants who complete their Practice Journey with us will receive a 10% discount on their Qualifying Journey.

You must register with Duke of Edinburgh before you signing up with Outdoor Explore.

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What you say about us

What our customers say about Outdoor Explore guided adventures
While on holiday in Vancouver my husband and I went on the 5 day Powell Forest canoe trip with Outdoor Explore earlier this month. We had little experience with Canadian canoes and it took us a little while to get the hang of things but once we were going it was wonderful paddling across the 4 lakes and the scenery was fantastic. The trip was very well organised, all the equipment and food was arranged for us but we had to bear in mind that everything had to be carried between the lakes so we had to make sure that our personal kit was as light as possible. The portaging was the hardest part of the trip as the boats were heavy and some of the bags were heavy too but thankfully the longest one was only 2.8 km so not too far and we managed between the group to carry everything. Each night we stopped at a camp site on the lake which were all equipped with flattened areas for the tents, composting toilets and some had fire drums. Fortunately there wasn't a fire ban so we could have a fire each night. You really felt you were out in the wilderness when all the food was in a bear-proof barrel tided to a tree at night, all other smelly items had to be put up a tree or up a bear hang. We even had to dig a hole to spit our toothpaste in so that the smell didn't attract bears to the area. It was all very exciting for people who come from the UK where we don't have any bears. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and would do the trip again....
Linda G - UK

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