Trekking in nepal

Outdoor Explore offers exciting and life changing adventures to the Himalayas, in partnership with Grand Himalaya Treks & Expeditions. Trek to Everest Base Camp, explore religious temples in the ancient capital of Kathmandu, or embark on an exciting Himalayan expedition.

The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world, that stretches across Asia, running through multiple countries including India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan etc. The tallest mountains in the Himalaya, and the world, are along the border between Nepal and Tibet, the most famous of which is Mt Everest (8,848m).

But Nepal isn’t all about huge snowy peaks. There is a rich and diverse culture which is centered around a number of different spiritual and religious beliefs including Buddhism and Hinduism. Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, is the home of some of the most significant religious landmarks such as Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest Stupas in the world.

The people of Nepal are well known for their hospitality, kindness and generosity. They are also very strong and hard working, especially in the harsh mountain villages where weather conditions can make life difficult. The Sherpa people, famous for their services in Himalayan expeditions, live in villages high in the mountains and are arguably some of the strongest and most resilient people in the world.

Outdoor Explore works with local guides and Sherpas to offer the most authentic experience while trekking and climbing in Nepal. We feel it’s important to support the local people and to immerse ourselves in their culture while on the trip in order to get the most fulfilling experience.

"I’ve spent a lot of time in Nepal, done a lot of trekking and climbing in the mountains there, but the main thing that always draws me back is the kind people and the incredible friends that i have met there."

John Gill - Trekking Guide, Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime through the highest mountains in the world while experiencing the beautiful Nepalese culture.

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