Yellow Cedar Topo Relief

By Rolf Brandvold and Ryan Westfahl - Community Stories

Rolf Brandvold and Ryan Westfahl have been chipping away in their spare time. Tinkering and creating. This, the third iteration of the topographical relief of the area is stunning, and they haven’t even buffed the wood yet.

The macro of topography cast into the micro wood grain, this piece of art has fused the precision of industrial design with organic forms of the natural world. This Yellow Cedar Burl is an accurate 3D map of Squamish and the surrounding region:

Rolf pulled the Yellow Cedar burl out from above the Callaghan Valley one day while he was poking around in the bush.

Yellow Cedar has good integrity while red cedar will flake.

After cutting a segment, letting it dry for a year, sourcing the topographical data, plying the form and the information to the CNC (computer numerical programming) machine, running it four hours: this is the outcome.

It’s scaled 60 feet to a Millimetre.

This art, is a strange coupling of the vastly creative and visionary with the highly technical. It’s a process. The aim for the next iteration is to do one that is much bigger: From West Vancouver North to Wedge Mountain, including the Pitt River and the entire Tantalus Range.

By Rolf Brandvold and Ryan Westfahl

Instagram: @westfahlryan

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