With you I Am Happy

By Harrison Newman Jardine - Community Stories

Amidst the dark choking heat

And the grumbling sound of machines

Behind the lights and confusion of plasma screens

And the steal and glass that encage us

I close my eyes

I see color. It shines bright

I see adventure. It calls my name.

I hear you. and all your beauty

I am a child once again

Smiling as I skip across your rainbows

Laughing as I eat your glowing orange skies

From the highest mountains with joy I jump

Deep into your belly blue

You are solitude

You are nature

Gloriously wild

And with you

I am happy

By Harrison Newman Jardine

Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a place surrounded by untouched nature, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. When I’m not in the classroom exchanging new jokes with my elementary students, I’m in the ocean surfing or guiding cycling trips in exotic locations around the world. Web: hnjphoto.com Instagram: @creativeharrison

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