Honey Fruit

By Sophia Foster - Community Stories

The harmonious dance honeybees have with nature allows us to indulge in the food we consume daily. Though they are small, their importance in the world is grand, and like true artists making many small marks, they create a masterpiece.

Oil on canvas. 36"x48" Click to enlarge

Sophia Foster
By Sophia Foster

From the small island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, I've always been immersed in nature and like the honeybee, am on a journey in coexistence with the environment that surrounds. I'm constantly inspired by nature and its beauty, listening to the language of the elements, then giving it another voice through art. "If the Bee Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth, Man Would Only Have Four Years Left To Live" - Albert Einstein Instagram: @sophiafoster.art Facebook: Sophia Foster

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