A Great Irony

Technology to escape technology

By John Gill - Community Stories

The very root of Outdoor Explore’s values is to close the laptop, stash the phone, step outside and allow ourselves to be awash in the natural world. As we’re all well aware, the benefits spending time outside are nearly endless.

Taking time to get outside is something we try and do regularly, and it’s something we’re all struggling to fit into our busy, tech-infused lives.

The act of disengaging is something that we know is difficult to do. We feel the pull ourselves as work commitments, correspondence, research, shopping, shopping, making travel plans and virtually every other facet of our lives have an online aspect. We are pervaded by the screen.

Therein lies the essence of Outdoor Explore--using technology to escape technology. The irony in creating a digital tool to help us escape an inundation of digital tools has not gone unnoticed.

If you can’t beat them, join them...?

After much struggling with this notion, we’ve decided to embrace a degree of acceptance. Instead of fighting the technology of our time, we’ve opted to focus instead on finding a way to use it, instead of the other way around. After all, all technology should be used to improve our liberty, well-being and health; not to keep us bound to it, with faces glued to screens ankles chained to desks.

As much as it is a mere website, Outdoor Explore is a means to free ourselves from technology. It is a place where we can cut the superfluous and plan trips to the magical places where we want to be spending our time.

While, going for a screenless walk to clear the head holds inherent value and requires little organization--coordinating longer trips with more people requires a more involved idea and a plan. That is what we’re here for.

Outdoor Explore is the clear way path to get outside with your friends.

The irony in creating a digital tool to help escape our increasingly digital lives hasn’t gone unnoticed. But, adapt or die. It’s a digital world, but we want to reduce the time wasted in the basement of that world and get out to the hills more quickly.

Photos by John Gill & Claire Andrew

John Gill
By John Gill - Co-Founder

John is one of the original founders of Outdoor Explore. He has built a comprehensive portfolio of treks and climbs in B.C., as well as numerous trips to Nepal, including a recent expedition to climb Ama Dablam (6,812m). He guides treks in B.C. and Nepal, as well as overseeing the guiding operations of the company.

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