PADDLING / Canoeing

Wilderness canoeing adventures

PADDLING / Canoeing
Gliding across peaceful lakes surrounded by mountains with just the splash or your paddle and the call of a bird as your soundtrack. It doesn’t get more relaxing than this! Canoeing provides a unique way to travel in the wilderness, and access beautiful, remote beaches and camping spots.

We have some great multi-day canoe circuits, some on the ocean, some which involve 'portaging' from lake to lake. Portaging is the act of carrying a canoe to get from one lake to another. OK - that may sound heavy but the modern, lightweight canoes we use are not difficult to maneuver, and it all adds to the adventure! Being prepared to carry your canoe means you’re able to travel a much further distance, and ultimately see a lot more of these beautiful landscapes.

Come float around with us on a remote lake or explore hidden ocean inlets and dive into a true Canadian wilderness experience.

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Powell Forest Canoe Circuit

An exciting and challenging 6 day multi-lake canoe trip deep in the Sunshine Coast wilderness
From $1399.00
6 day(s)

Multi Day Lake Canoeing

Guided canoeing across peaceful lakes surrounded by beautiful Sunshine Coast wilderness
From $1049.00
4 day(s)

Sunshine Coast Ocean Canoeing

A true Canadian adventure, 3 days canoeing on British Columbia's beautiful sunshine coast
From $799.00
3 day(s)
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