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Outdoor Explore is an adventure company like no other. We provide trekking vacations and wilderness adventures built around a vision to escape normal life and immerse ourselves in the natural world in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

We started Outdoor Explore because we loved exploring the mountains of British Columbia and the Himalayas, but we realized that the majority of visitors to these beautiful locations were doing the same hikes every time - namely the ones promoted on social media. These hikes are now becoming over crowded, dirty, and have lost their true wilderness feeling.

Accessing wild places can be very difficult, requiring great knowledge about the area, special equipment, different modes of transport (boat, float plane etc.), but most importantly - a true desire to keep the wilderness wild and to leave no trace that we were ever there.

That’s where Outdoor Explore comes in. We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the wilderness and to connect with nature, regardless of their fitness level, experience, activity of choice, age etc. We provide all-inclusive guided trips to take you into the mountains safely and responsibly. Our guides are highly trained and skilled in mountain travel, as well as ‘leave no trace’ ethics. Our trips are custom designed by experienced explorers to provide a true wilderness experience - avoiding popular trails, escaping the crowds, enjoying peaceful nature.

Our goal is for you to feel like you’re the first person to ever walk through these mountains, then to leave them looking like we were never there - so the next group can get the same feeling!

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Why Outdoor Explore

Sustainability and responsibility is at the heart of everything that we do. We are rapidly losing wilderness in the world due to climate change, population growth, forestry, development etc. We want to preserve and protect what little wilderness we have left, while also giving people the chance to experience it.

We work with highly trained and experienced guides who have a wealth of knowledge about the areas that they operate in. Our trips are well designed and flexible, meaning there is always an option to alter the trip to fit your requirement. We put a lot of effort into planning and preparation and we’re proud of the lengths we go to to make sure you have the best experience possible.

We have partnered with some great companies who help us to provide amazing adventures to you. See our list of partners.

Our Vision

To provide safe and sustainable wilderness adventures to everyone, regardless of their fitness, age, experience etc. To promote ethical exploration, provide education in responsible mountain travel, and to have fun exploring the wild!


Outdoor Explore was born in 2015 from an idea to create an online trip planning tool for people adventuring into to the mountains. We had been on many trips and found it difficult to plan over email, text, etc. In 2016, the Outdoor Explore Community Website was launched, providing tools to help people find inspiration for adventures, plan trips with friends, find safety information etc.

Our community grew quickly and we found ourselves organizing trips for our friends, teaching workshops on mountain skills, and guiding people into the backcountry. The idea to turn Outdoor Explore into a guiding operation came when we realized that there was a huge knowledge barrier stopping people from experiencing the wilderness and exploring the beautiful mountains.

In 2017 we launched Outdoor Explore Adventure Co. providing guided wilderness adventures and trekking vacations, operating in British Columbia and Nepal. We continue to search for wild landscapes to bring to our clients and to diversify into other countries.

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Outdoor Explore guides on the summit of Slalok mountain in BC An Outdoor Explore introduction to mountaineering course The founders of Outdoor Explore, while hiking in BC Namgya Sherpa and John Gill, Outdoor Explore Himalayan trekking guides Check the Outdoor Explore shop for stylish clothing and merchandise

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What our customers say about Outdoor Explore guided adventures
I've been privileged to know these guys for a while. They live and breathe what they do, and love to share their passion for the outdoors and adventure with those around them. If you get a chance to go on a trip with them, I recommend it!...
Sam Wade - Canada

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Langtang & Helambu Trek

Trek to the culturally rich and visually stunning Langtang, Gosainkunda and Helambu region of Nepal
From $2250.00
17 Days
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Powell Forest Canoe Circuit

Guided canoeing across peaceful lakes surrounded by beautiful Sunshine Coast wilderness
From $1350.00
6 Days
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Sea to Sky Treks

We offer a number of guided wilderness treks in British Columbia's beautiful Sea-to-Sky region
From $795.00
4 Days
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