Having the Right Gear When You Go Hike Outdoors

As an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman, you need to have the right gear to make the experience the best possible.

Start with your shoes, no wait, start with your socks. Having the correct socks will be the most important part of your outdoor experienced. So many hikers and campers don’t think about this small detail, but once you spend 3-4 days backpacking with 40 pounds of gear you have a better appreciation.

Next are your hiking shoes. What’s the terrain? Here is where you need to consider a couple of important items. The weight you are carrying and the terrain you are hiking.

If you are on a good trail with a lighter weight pack go with a more cross trainer boot. These typically have softer soles and are much more comfortable. If your backpack will be heavier with more rugged terrain then think more stability. A good hiking boot with mid-high ankle support will be an option for you.  This boot will give you more ankle support and will give your feet more structure for carrying your pack.

Next comes your clothing. What’s the weather going to be like? Expect the unexpected. Be ready for rain and be ready to change out your clothing to keep warm.

Personally, when backpacking for multiple days I will bring my trekking poles. These poles will give you stability on the tail and help keep you moving. I double mine up as a tripod for those outdoor photos. When you buy lightweight poles you can’t go wrong.