How much does it cost to hike Te Araroa?

David Albert-Lebrun - Travel

Te Araroa (TA) means “the long pathway” in Maori. It is a 3050km thru hike that spans the length of New Zealand. We hiked the TA southbound, starting in Cape Rein...

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How much does it cost to travel around the world?

Lauren Albert-Lebrun - Travel

When we tell people that we travelled around the world for 14 months, their most burning question is usually “how did you afford that?”. I think many will actually be surprised by how far your money can go when travelling and how affordable travelling can be. In fact...

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Hardwired for Adventure

Mayor Heintzman - Community Stories

“She said kiss her where it stinks …so I drove her to Squamish”I was reading the book Hard Core Roadshow by Noel Baker back in 1997 when I came across this “epitaph”. Baker’s book chronicles his work while he wrote the screenplay for director Bruce McDonald’s fi...

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A Step Out Into Nature

Arrietty Song - Community Stories

I have been taught since young that extensive reading can broaden and strengthen one’s mind, however, the importance of connecting with nature has not been often emphasized in my family’s tradition. Having lived in Canada for almost 5 years, I began to appreciate the joys of physical activity and...

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Clim​bing and Conquering

Joseph Wong - Community Stories

It’s 7 am on a Saturday. Just looking at the alarm clock makes me deeply troubled and feel ill. I worked late last night, but I’m up early and a few minutes from now, 40 antsy kids will show up outside my door. We are piling into cars, driving up to Squamish, and today this group of city kids wil...

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The Smell of Money on the Sound

Ruth Simons - Community Stories

It wasn't so long ago that beautiful Howe Sound, one of Canada's southernmost fjords and metro Vancouver's playground was suffering from serious air and water pollution. On a trip to Horseshoe Bay with my parents in the 70's for Troll's fish and chips when the conditions were ripe, my nostrils wo...

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Under the Veil

Audrey Halim - Community Stories

Promote a balanced and healthy life where we can cherish what Mother Earth has given us, climb our mountains and draw our own unique paths in which we feel most alive.

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Yellow Cedar Topo Relief

Rolf Brandvold and Ryan Westfahl - Community Stories

Rolf Brandvold and Ryan Westfahl have been chipping away in their spare time. Tinkering and creating. This, the third iteration of the topographical relief of the area is stunning, and they haven’t even buffed the wood yet.The macro of topography cast into the micro wood grain, this piece ...

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Raised on Adrenaline

Maranda Stopol - Community Stories

The Sea to Sky corridor is a place where the rock is steep, the mountains are jagged, and the rivers are wild. It is no surprise that the magnitude and variety of these geographical features have attracted a passionate group of extreme athletes. As a mecca for adventure, the options are endless. ...

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With you I Am Happy

Harrison Newman Jardine - Community Stories

Amidst the dark choking heatAnd the grumbling sound of machinesBehind the lights and confusion of plasma screensAnd the steal and glass that encage usI close my eyesI see color. It shines brightI see adventure. It calls my name.I hear you. and all ...

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How Climbing Ruined My Life By Making It Better

Jeremy Blumel - Community Stories

Becoming a climber is one of those decisions I’ve looked back on and wondered about for years, wondered how something so infinitely interesting, challenging and complex could have sculpted this alternate direction for me. It continues to shape the decisions of my life, foreseeably, until my final...

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​The Mountains Are My Home

Kendra Hicks - Community Stories

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Honey Fruit

Sophia Foster - Community Stories

The harmonious dance honeybees have with nature allows us to indulge in the food we consume daily. Though they are small, their importance in the world is grand, and like true artists making many small marks, they create a masterpiece.Oil on canvas. 36"x48" Click to enlarge

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Buy Less Shit

Tyler Leblanc - Community Stories

The fear of putting your feet in wet shoes is always worse than the actual skin-to-soggy-sole contact. It’s this cold-mushy fear that fills my mind at 0230, 3000m above Lombok’s sandy pancake shoreline and teal breakers. Cold, wet, and unrecognizably ashen, my haggard low-top All-stars are a weak...

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Travelling from Nepal to Tibet

Lauren Albert-Lebrun - Travel

As of June 2017, the border between Nepal and Tibet is still closed due to the earthquake from 2 years ago. The only way to enter Tibet is to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa which is a very short and expensive flight.Travelling to Tibet means you will be travelling into China, however Tibet ha...

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The ride of my life

Julie Van de Valk - Travel

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who knew I could and to those who know me best, and said I couldn't. I am grateful for all those moments of hospitality - from strangers, friends and those who crossed that bridge. The hospitality I have been shown this trip has blown me away. People opening their...

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What do you mean there might be bears!

Linda Gill - Community Stories

When our son, John who is a keen trekker, first suggested that he would like to take my husband, Chris, who is also a keen trekker, on a hike/climb in Garibaldi Provincial Park when we came to Vancouver from England for a holiday, I decided it was bound to be too hard for me. But after much discu...

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Climbing Between Generations

Kevin Allen - Community Stories

I have now been climbing for over a decade and I still get the same remarks when I tell people who are not climbers what I do for fun. They usually say something along the lines of “that is intense” or that I am “crazy”. And then they follow up with the question “how did you get into climbing?” I...

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The Ultimate Guide to First Aid Kits

Sabina Staempfli - Travel

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?‘I’m heading out on an adventure Yaay! Uuuuuuuuugh now I have to pack a first aid kit! It can’t be too big because I don’t have the space and it can’t be too small because I’ll be out in the middle of nowhere! Aaaaarrrgh what do I do?!?!?’

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The Power Of Nature

Tiffany Stahle - Community Stories

You are standing beside a lake as a bird sings it’s final song for the day, the sun setting behind the backdrop of mountains. You can hear the sound of a river flow, providing renewed life to this lake. You feel the breeze against your cheek and smell the fresh scent of pine from the forest behin...

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Lets Get High

John Gill - Travel

“Alpinism is the art of climbing mountains by confronting the greatest dangers with the greatest prudence. Art is used here to mean the accomplishment of knowledge in action.You cannot always stay on the summits. You have to come down again...So what's the point? Only this: what is ...

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Pretty Fly for a White Guy

Adam Mertens - Community Stories

Discover our True Nature: so goes the slogan of the Canadian Tourism Commission. Access to nature and wilderness is widely considered to be a part of what makes us Canadian. This is perhaps true nowhere more than in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, where our gaze is forever ...

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Oh Gear how I love thee!

David Albert-Lebrun - Travel

Prior to planning for this trip I felt confident in my knowledgeable of gear. After months of research, I now realize that was naive of me; in our day and age there is very specific gear for very specific activities. The gear world is very vast and it is easy to get lost in. More importantly, it ...

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A year of planning for a year of travel

Lauren Albert-Lebrun - Travel

Many people dream of dropping everything and traveling the world, but for most it remains a dream. It’s overwhelming and daunting to even know where to begin (much like writing this blog post), and it seems impossible that it can really happen. The most common responses we get when we tell others...

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A 100 Mile Portage

Wes Babcock - Community Stories

What happens when you think you know how to hike when you have only planned canoe trips? You pack for a 100-mile portage. And (with any luck) you learn things.I grew up paddling canoes around on lakes in the Canadian Shield. That’s wh...

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Poking around in holes in the ground

Chris Gill - Community Stories

A friend of mine once asked, “What’s the point of climbing that hill? You only have to come back down again.” Her husband and I dutifully ignored her and climbed it anyway. But did she have a point?All these...

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Sharpening Up in the Backcountry

Brett Mentor - Community Stories

Inspiration to journey into the hills stems from a knowledge of boundless treasures within my experiences thus far in life. Freedom of flow and body moveme...

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A Great Irony

John Gill - Community Stories

The very root of Outdoor Explore’s values is to close the laptop, stash the phone, step outside and allow ourselves to be awash in the natural world. As we’re all well aware, the benefits spending time outside are nearly endless.Taking time to get outside is something we try and do regular...

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Duffey Lake Tour

Brett Mentor - Trip Reports

Brett Mentor, OE Ambassador, headed up to Steep Creek for some ski touring along side a couple of friends.They put together a short edit on the enjoyable turns and fun times they shared.

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